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FSC FSC certificate shows that forests are managed in accordance with the highest economic, social and ecological standards ....

Laminated logs
Massive benches, tables, furniture
Unique log homes
unique wooden houses
Wooden houses Gašperić
Gašperić d.o.o. is a company engaged in building wooden houses since 2004. By now, we have built around 50 houses in Croatia. Our offer includes logs with a diameter of 190,210 and 230 mm.

Only full-length logs are being used, which ensures not only the connection with a tradition, but high quality as well. We build upon system "key in the hand".
Our new offer comprises
- Laminated round logs with a diameter of 190, 210 and 230 mm.
- Fences
- Gazebos
- Massive benches, tables and massive unique furniture in accordance with the client's wishes and specifications